Welcome sister

An email is headed your way with your first activation. If you don’t get the email in the next 15 minutes, reach out to us at support@womanunleashed.com

Here's what you can do right now...

Join the Circle

If you’d like to do this 3 day journey in community, join our Woman Unleashed Circle. Come introduce yourself and share what piece you’re making space for, what energy you'd like to claim. We are starting to gather the energy now. 

*Please allow 24 hours for us to grant access to the group. We screen every women to make sure she is a real person. If your FB profile doesn’t have a picture, please just let us know so we can keep an eye out for you.

Before we begin... Create  S P A C E

create S P A C E in your schedule
Mark off your calendar for our DAILY activation sessions. You'll need to set aside 20 minutes +

create S P A C E in your home
I invite you to set up a sacred space in your home to hold the energy of what you're creating. Set up a shelf or table. Put images, cards, scarves, stones, leaves, candles... What carries the energy you're calling in?

create S P A C E in your heart
Offer a prayer to Spirit to support you in releasing anything you need to be open to these activations.

I place myself in your hands.

Help me release what might hold me back,
Release thoughts, patterns, ways of being,
Help me fully open to these activations.
Thank you.
Thank you,
Thank you.

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